Spanish in Argentina

Learn Spanish in ArgentinaArgentina is the eighth largest country in the world, with a wealth of attractions, events and historical and cultural activities. There are several cities and towns ideal for students looking to learn Spanish in Argentina, including the capital Buenos Aires, the most European of all Latin American cities. BB.AA., as it’s known in Spanish (or plain B.A. in English), provides a full cultural offering, with theaters, museums, operas, art galleries, etc. It’s also the home of the tango, so it’ll come as┬áno surprise that dance is a major cultural event throughout the country.

Another great attraction for anyone who’s thinking of learning Spanish in Argentina is the food. Argentinean beef has always had the reputation of being among the best in the world, and restaurants and hotels all over the country are famous for their cuisine and customer care. Argentina takes pride in the quality of its many steakhouses or asados, the traditional style of barbecue in the country, as well as the seafood available on the coast and the fresh vegetables produced on its rich farmlands. And for wine lovers, we shouldn’t forget the world-class wines produced in different regions of Argentina, especially around Mendoza.