Spanish in Chile

Learn Spanish in ChileIf you decide to learn Spanish in Chile you’ll receive not only an education about the language, but also a deeper understanding of the culture and people of the country. There are many different things to see and do in Chile and studying Spanish there provides opportunities to travel and sightsee. Since Chile is very long and narrow, over 4,300 kilometers from the northern tip to the southern extreme, it is possible to experience almost every climate zone from desert to glaciers, and from beaches and mountains to rainforests and grasslands. The Pacific Ocean borders on the west and the Andes Mountains are on the eastern side of the country. The vast differences in Chile are amazing and almost impossible to imagine.

When you learn Spanish in Chile, you’ll also learn that the northern part is more temperate with a warmer overall climate. There are several larger cities in the northern portion of the country with a strong Spanish influence evident in the architecture and the people. There are several national parks, hot springs and even the Tatio Geysers. The Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) is a breathtaking land formation, excellent for hiking. There is even the Ojos Del Salada Volcano to see. The Atacama desert features salt basins and miles of desert. The people of Chile are very hospitable and welcoming and are always ready to share stories and information about their area.