Spanish in Ecuador

Learn Spanish in EcuadorStudents who choose to learn Spanish in Ecuador often do so because of the more neutral accent, compared to other South American countries. Officially known as the Republic of Ecuador, this county is bordered on the north by Colombia, the south and east by Peru and the west by the Pacific Ocean. Ecuador is Spanish for equator – and it is actually located directly on the equator in South America. It also includes the Galapagos Islands, one of the few remaining natural untouched habitats of many sea animals, birds and even plants.

Another advantage for students to learn Spanish in Ecuador is that the country has a strong Spanish heritage and this can be seen in the foods and architecture, among other things. Spanish language schools in Ecuador encourage speaking Spanish while out in the community to totally immerse the student in the language and culture. Day trips are organized to historical monuments and museums such as the Cultural Center, the Cathedral and the various monuments in both Quito, the capital city, and other smaller cities throughout Ecuador.